Colonel Jones

A Globe-Democrat cartoon published the day after Jones was ousted as editor of the St. Louis Republic.

“Journalists who take themselves seriously, who regard the work of moulding public opinion as a high vocation, who believe in duty and are willing to accept responsibility, who would rather champion the rights of the many than defend the privileges of the few, are finding it more and more difficult either to enter or to remain in the newspaper field, whether as employees or proprietors.” – Col. Charles Henry Jones, Feb. 23, 1899 [From “Charles H. Jones 1848-1913: Editor and Progressive Democrat” (1974)]

Veteran newspaperman and Confederate veteran Charles H. Jones, whose accomplishments included reviving the fortunes of the St. Louis Republic, was hired in 1893 to edit Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World. But Jones’ populist leanings quickly proved irksome to the publisher and other World editors. Not only was Jones, among other things, an advocate of free silver, he wrote a celebrated editorial siding with Eugene Debs and the American Railway Union in the famous 1894 Pullman strike.

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