“This beautiful thing”: World will end, just not yet

pierceartSPRINGFIELD, Ill. (Nov. 11) — Frank Pierce is a local drywall contractor whose fascination with life’s mysteries led him to seek an explanation for everything.

One of the things Pierce says he’s discovered on his quest should be good news for people born before the ’60s: The world is going to end, but not until 2048.


The basis for that prediction is frankly beyond my comprehension.

When Pierce met with me, at the end of June, the newspaper I was editing had just published a feature about crystal skulls, spurred by the release of an Indiana Jones film. That story drilled holes into notions that these skulls were of ancient derivation — something that subsequent scientific analysis has demonstrated — but the article’s subtle tone may have left some readers, including Pierce, with the impression that the paper was receptive to more tales of the supernatural and outlandish. Read more of this post