‘There was great rejoicing in hell this morning.’

Bennett H. Young mugFew men did more to advance the Lost Cause mythology of the South than Bennett H. Young, the old soldier who was the featured speaker at the 1914 dedication of the Confederate memorial in St. Louis.

Five hundred people gathered at the Jefferson Memorial to hear Young — described as “one of the most eloquent living Confederates” — eulogize the “bravery” and “bitter determination to win” of 600,000 Southern men who fought for a “cause they believed to be right.”

Then 71, Young was midway through his term as commander-in-chief of the United Confederate Veterans Association, where he worked with allied groups like the United Daughters of the Confederacy to pepper the nation with monuments to the CSA.

That same year, Young had published “Confederate Wizards of the Saddle,” a 630-page paean to the Confederate horsemen like slave-dealer Nathan Bedford Forrest. Read more of this post