‘Another party’

reedy mugWilliam Marion Reedy: “The cry of the politicians is ‘Down with the Bolshevists.’ In Russia a Bolshevist is a man who insists that he who will not work shall not eat. In America a Bolshevist is any man who dares disagree with the schoolmaster and who dares assert the right of free speech and a free press.”                             ———>

Duncan McDonald: “Every time you create a millionaire you also create hundreds of paupers. There are 465,000 school children in America who go to school without having breakfast, who are so undernourished they cannot study. And yet they call one a Bolshevist if he dare comment on these things. The workingman gets the work, the other fellow gets the worry.”

Robert N. Owens:  “The only difference between the treatment of negroes by the two old parties is that a Democrat points his gun at us and says, ‘You cannot vote,’ while the Republican points his gun at us and says ‘Vote, but damn you, vote my way.’” – Liberal Speakers Discuss Need of Another Party,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 20, 1920

03-20-1920 another party

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