Art criticism

“Henri Matisse’s ‘Girl Who Has Just Passed Through a Wringer’ is good. …  Cummings’ ‘Soft Shell Crab Defending Its Mother’ is a striking bit of post-impressionism…. Alexander Couard’s ‘Battle Between a Varicose Vein and a Septic Flush’ is a trifle complicated, but he’s put a lot of feeling in his work, especially in the vein.” (“Exhibit Shows Independent Artists Deserving of Name,” March 12, 1920) “He would collect iteratively, over and over again, in a process of accumulating many copies of a single object or instrument — and in some way you have to wonder whether this was a process for him of trying to understand these objects by living with many of them.” (Pulitzer associate curator Stephanie Weissberg on Terry Adkins, St. Louis Public Radio, March 11, 2020)

03-12-1920 independent artists

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