Uncle Sam: How to spot a U.S. fascist


On March 24, 1945, the U.S. War Department released Program 64, which was designed to explain to soldiers why they were fighting.

Here’s an excerpt from its publication titled “Three Ways to Spot U.S. Fascists.”

“Fascists in America may differ slightly from fascists in other countries, but there are a number of attitudes and practices that they have in common. Following are three. Every person who has one of them is not necessarily a fascist. But he is in a mental state that lends itself to the acceptance of fascist aims.

“1. Pitting religion, racial, and economic groups against one another in order to break down the national unity is a device of the divide and conquer technique used by Hitler to gain power in Germany and in other countries.

“With slight variations, to suit local conditions,

fascists everywhere have used this Hitler method. In many countries, anti-Semitism is a dominant devise of fascism. In the United States native fascists have often been anti-Catholic, anti-Jew, anti-Negro, anti-Labor and anti-foreign born.

“In South America native fascists use the same scapegoats except that they substitute anti-Protestantism for anti-Catholicism.

“Interwoven with the master race theory of fascism is a well planned hate campaign against minority races, religions, and other groups. To suit their particular needs and aims, fascists will use any one or a combination of such groups as a convenient scapegoat.

“2. Fascism cannot tolerate such religious and ethical concepts as the brotherhood of man. Fascists deny the need for international cooperation.

“These ideas contradict the fascist theory of the master race. The color, race, creed or nationality — have rights. International cooperation, as expressed in the Dumbarton Oaks proposals, run counter to the fascist program of war and world domination….

“3. It is accurate to call a member of a communist party a communist. For short, he is often called a Red. Indiscriminate pinning of the label Red on people and proposals which one opposes is a common political device.

“It is a favorite trick of native as well as foreign fascists.

“Many fascists make the spurious claim that the world has but two choices — either fascism or communism and they label as communist everyone who refuses to support them….”

First published on this site on Aug. 28, 2010.