Punks, grafters, self-seekers, puny Hitlers and papsuckers

John S. Knight“When a certain unscrupulous type of politician finds that he is unable to get an editorial endorsement either for himself or his candidate on merit, he then turns to throwing garbage and dead cats at the press in an effort to convince unthinking voters that he is the righteous defender of the people’s rights. … It’s a trick that is practiced by countless petty office holders and self-seekers throughout the country. It is a device that is familiarly known to those in the newspaper business as ‘running for editor.’ … 

“The chief threat to good journalism these days comes from the so-called ‘pressure groups’ who sometimes feel that, if they can muster an imposing delegation to call upon the editor, he may ‘see the light.’ However, in this country, a newspaper’s exercise of its sacred privilege, freedom of the press, is limited only by the degree of the editor’s courage. So long as we have men presiding over the editorial destinies of our newspapers who possess courage, intelligence, tolerance and a devotion to the public interest, it will take more than a few self-anointed ‘puny Hitlers’ and political papsuckers to sway them from upholding the right as they see it.” – John S. Knight, Oct. 20, 1940

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