‘Pockets of volume’ ‘Locally heavy’ ‘Grief process’ ‘Unflinching’

weatherWeather words: Barreling. Little blustery. Ridge of high pressure. Packing winds of. Gusty winds. Heavy rain. A line of showers. Intermittent. Severe. Isolated. Spot. Strong. Sun is starting to peek back in. Pop-up shower. Stray and scattered and residual showers. Hit-and-miss. Notches. Hooks. Locally heavy. Couple sprinkles. Rumbles of thunder. Breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Traffic words: It’s heavy now. You’re heavy on. You’re stacked up on. Sunshine slowdown. Stacked up for a look. Stop and go. Pockets. Slow pockets. Pockets of volume. Building volume. We’ve got some volume. The usual volume.  Bumper-to-bumper. Injury accident. Trouble-free. On the brakes. Crawling. Jamming. A lingering backup. In the clearing stages. Flowing fine. Still a good run. Typical delays. Clusters. Slowing down in the stretch. Smooth sailing.

Crime words: Close-knit community. Devastating impact. Loved ones. When something like this happens. No obvious connection to international terrorism. On the ground.
Thoughts and prayers. Shots rang out. Closure. Grief process. Active scene. On edge. Haunting. Nightmare. Ultimate sacrifice. The community is reeling. Asking the public to come forward. Escalated from there. Tragic news. Raise awareness. Their desperate time of need. Breathing a collective sigh of relief.  Keeping a close eye on.

TV and radio: What’s trending online. We’ll continue to monitor this breaking story/situation/news. We want to know what you think. Hard questions. Real concerns. The discussion continues at … . We’re watching out for you. Making a difference. … has learned. On the ground. Count on us.

Words about writers/writing: Wickedly funny. Powerful. Provocative. Compelling. Erudite. Incisive. Unflinching. Award-winning. Trenchant. Important voice. Vital voice. Riveting. Engaging. Not afraid to ruffle feathers. Step on toes. Fearless. Won’t hold back.

Tired adjectives: Beleaguered. Embattled. Iconic. Struggling. Venerable.

Empty, overused superlatives: Awesome. Great. Amazing. Excellent. Whew. Whoa. Wow. Fascinating. Must read.

Lame or overused transitions and ledes: If you think [whatever], think again. Think twice (as in “parents should think twice.”) Don’t look now, but … It’s official. Not so fast! Not so much. You’re not alone; he (or she) is not alone; they’re (!) not alone. Imagine this. Imagine, if you will. That’s right, [name]. Now, [then about something in the past]. That’s such a great question! So …  One thing is sure. Reporting live.

Clickbait: [number] things you need to know.  [see Nieman Lab’s post on “effective” headline phrases for social media at www.niemanlab.org]

If you missed reporting a story: This week/month/recently [subject] quietly [verb] … We have learned …

Miscellaneous wonkery, blather, meaninglessness, overused, otherwise unclassified and annoying: Resonate. Wake-up call. Next level. Move the needle. On a path. Down the rabbit hole. Baked in. Unring the bell. Run out of runway. At the end of the day. I will say this.  Let me just say this. Having said this. Our employees are our greatest asset. A level of transparency. In a public space. Strategic planning that engages all stakeholders. Getting into the weeds. Finger on the pulse. Reframing the narrative. Ramp up. Ratchet up. Put [place] on the map. In his (or her) wheelhouse. Di minimis deconfliction. Create a buzz. On the ground. Can’t rest on our laurels. Stay ahead of the pack. Cautiously optimistic. Outside the box. Game changer. Raise their game. Hard to miss. Push back. Engage. Reengage. Disengage. An opportunity to engage in a conversation. Raise awareness. Hard questions. Real people. Real concerns. Humanize. That’s the $64/$64,000/$64 million question. On the map. On point. Takeaways. Key takeaway. Some question … Front and center. Lit a fuse. Twitter lit up. Went viral. Getting a lot of buzz on social media, including Facebook, Twitter … Going to make history. Impact your brand. Break down walls. Silos. With all due respect. To be honest. Chance of a lifetime. Having said that … You know what’s weird? Strange? Didn’t mince words. Received a tough reception.

Originally published Oct. 24, 2015. Updated periodically. 


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