We keep entering ‘a new and dangerous phase’

The week-long offensive to retake the ISIS stronghold (of Fallujah) has now entered a new and dangerous phase. [CBS News. May 30, 2016]  The Palestinian president today accused Israel of provoking a danger“religious war” … amid mounting concerns that their long-running conflict is entering a new and dangerous phase. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Nov. 11, 2014]  Declaring a victor before a negotiated settlement could mark a new, dangerous phase of the crisis surrounding the vote to succeed President Hamid Karzai. [The National Journal, September 11, 2014] The 48-page report released Tuesday is grim, determined and factual, carrying warnings like “the struggle against terrorism is far from over – rather, it has entered a new and dangerous phase”  and “counterterrorism fatigue and a waning sense of urgency among the public threaten U.S. security.” [The Washington Times, July 23, 2014] The “generational challenge” against terrorism we anticipated 10 years ago has entered a new and dangerous phase. dangerAmerica cannot afford to let down its guard. [USA Today, July 22, 2014] “Even though we avoided the worst-case scenario in Greece, the crisis has entered a new and dangerous phase, and it doesn’t end with Greece,” said Michelle Gibley, director of international research at the Schwab Center for Financial Research [Associated Press,   July 19, 2012] Georgia’s monthlong opposition protests entered a new and dangerous phase Thursday after demonstrators clashed with police. [Kansas City Star, May 8, 2009] With two dramatic armed rescue operations – the first by France and the second by the US – killing at least six Somalis in three days, experts were warning that piracy off the Horn of Africa was entering a new and dangerous phase. [The (London) Independent, April 14, 2009]  The European Union, whose members split over how to force Saddam to disarm, dangerdeclared Thursday that the world had entered “a new and dangerous phase” and expressed deep dismay that diplomacy had failed to prevent war. [The Associated Press, March 20, 2003] With the war on terrorism shifting to a new and dangerous phase of rooting out the Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders, General Franks said there was a “50-50” chance he would move his headquarters closer to the combat zone, possibly into Qatar. [The New York Times, Nov. 29, 2001] Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network yesterday issued a chilling threat of renewed hijackings and attacks on America as the US campaign entered a new and dangerous phase with ground troops poised to enter Afghanistan. [The (Melbourne) Age, Oct. 11, 2001] Zoran Djindjic, the new prime minister, said: “Milosevic’s future will bedanger decided in the courts.” His comments signalled the beginning of a new and dangerous phase for the former Yugoslav strongman. [The (London) Daily Telegraph, Dec. 26, 2000] In south Asia, hostilities between India and Pakistan, each armed with its own nuclear arsenal, could enter a new and dangerous phase. [The (Singapore) Straits Times, June 25, 2000] Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig Jr. … began by saying that the crisis was entering “a new and dangerous phase in which large-scale military action is likely.” [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 30, 1982]  Although no great sea actions were reported during the week, it is widely feared among naval and shipping men, British and America, that the Battle  of the Atlantic is coming into a new and dangerous dangerphase. [The Cincinnati Enquirer, Oct. 12, 1941] Affairs in Spain are assuming a new and dangerous phase, according to letters from Madrid published in Le Temps. [San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 15, 1885] The case of John H. Pratt, the ex-Confederate Major and alleged fugitive Texas murderer, assumed a new and dangerous phase yesterday, threatening to terminate in a military collision between the State and Federal authorities. [The New York Times, Aug. 14, 1869]