Democratic hope

081914a1sWar has become a fully normalized way of life in the United States. It has been elevated to an all-encompassing ideology and politics that includes both a view of the population as potential suspects in need of constant surveillance and an aggressive intolerance of people who question authority or protest, whether they are educators, journalists, or ordinary citizens who have simply had enough.

Hope provides a potential register of resistance, a new language, a different understanding of society, and a view of the future in which governing authorities are fully accountable to and compliant with the will of the public, and not the other way around.

Hope also accentuates how politics might be played out on the terrain of imagination and desire as well as in material relations of power and concrete social formations. …

Democratic hope is a subversive, defiant practice that makes power visible and interrogates and resists those events, social relations, and ideas that threaten democracy and the public spheres necessary to practice it. — Henry A. Giroux, The Violence of Organized Forgetting: Thinking Beyond America’s Disimagination Machine (2014)

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