Christmas in St. Louis

ClemensThe Inebriate Asylum. This institution, which is located on Cass avenue and Twenty-first street, in the old Clemens Mansion, has about fifteen inmates. A majority of them have gone home to remain during the holidays. Those who will remain will be provided with a splendid dinner.”  — From “Christmas. How the Day is to be Observed in St. Louis. The Local Atmosphere Redolent of Turkey and Plum Pudding. What Will Be Done in Many of the Public Institutions.Clemens Mansion 2013 The Programme at the City Jail, Work House, Refuge and Hospital. A Grand Ten-Cent Dinner at the Levee Bethel and Friendly Inn. Fun Ahead at the Orphan, Blind, Inebriate, Foundling and Other Asylums.” Post-Dispatch, Dec. 24, 1878. See Observing Christmas 1878

The Clemens House, 1849 Cass Avenue, was built in the late 1850s by James Clemens Jr., Mark Twain’s uncle.