Game plan

180px-Lighthouse“Across our footprint, we have about 550,000 home delivery subscribers. And so our approach is to cement our relationship with those folks and provide more value and then also receive value in exchange for that from that 550,000.

“So, if we can increase the amount of revenue coming from that 550,000, that’s an important piece of this whole strategy. And if although it’s not necessarily being realized right now, but if you can get an extra 50 cents a week or $1 a week from that group, that’s a pretty substantial increase in the revenue stream.

“The digital-only right now [is] at 20,000, we look at that as how good of a job are we doing penetrating the non-subscribers in our addressable markets. If we have 550,000 home delivery subscribers, the folks who are not subscribing number, about 1.5 million, and so the 20,000 is a small but important and growing number against that 1.5 million.

“So the opportunity for us is to ramp up that digital-only offering. Now that’s going to require a lot better job on the consumer marketing front engaging in digital marketing being much more sophisticated in the way that we look at analytics and data to help us target likely subscribers on our digital products and really start to drive that number, where the marginal cost of delivery once you have those folks is very, very low. …” — Timothy M. Wesolowski, senior vice president, chief financial officer, treasurer, The E.W. Scripps Co. [Q3 earnings call, Nov. 8, 2013]

E.W. Scripps on Nov. 8 said Q3 net loss was $8.9M, or 16 cents per share, down from net income of $12M, or 21 cents, in the year-earlier quarter. Revenue fell 14 percent to $190 million.