“Nothing is too good for our readers”

Mooney“Mooney’s theory of how to put out a newspaper was illustrated on the occasion of Commander Peary’s discovery of the North Pole. The New York Times had exclusive rights to the famous explorer’s own story of his discovery, wirelessed from the Far North, and offered The Commercial Appeal the story at a high price. Bill Adler, telegraph editor, received the telegram containing the offer and took it to his chief.

“‘Go ahead and order it, Bill,’ said Mr. Mooney, ‘it’s great stuff.’

“‘But chief,’ demurred Adler, ‘look at this price they’re asking — ‘

“‘Never mind about the cost, Bill,’ replied Mr. Mooney. ‘Go ahead and buy it. Nothing is too good for our readers. Put out a good newspaper and expenses will take care of themselves.’

— One Hundred Years of The Commercial Appeal, 1840-1940.


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