Tour back in time

WeatherbirdClick here — A Tour Of The Post-Dispatch — to see the way things were at 900 North Tucker Boulevard* in the early 1960s.

Here’s an excerpt: “The character of news has changed and the old saying ‘when a man bites a dog, that’s news’ is not enough for a modern newspaper like the Post-Dispatch. An unusual event, of course, is still news, but so are the conquest of space, the development of a new vaccine, and the problems of automation. Post-Dispatch staff members keep up with the latest developments in many fields including science, economics, sociology, and politics, so they can give readers clear, concise information about our ever-changing and complex world.”

* Pulitzer, then the owner of the Post-Dispatch, bought the Globe-Democrat building at 12th and Franklin from Newhouse in 1959; the address at the time was 1133 Franklin Ave. In 1972, Franklin was renamed to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so Pulitzer changed the newspaper’s mailing address to 900 N. 12th St. Then, in 1979, 12th was renamed to honor Raymond Tucker, a former mayor.

1139 Olive (from 1918)The newspaper’s previous addresses were 111 North Broadway (1878-1882), 513-515 Market Street (1882-1888), 513 Olive Street (1888-1902), 210-212 North Broadway (1902-1917) and 1139 Olive Street (1917-1959).

Here’s a tour of the 1139 Olive Street property, pictured on the left: 1918 tour , That building is still standing.