Find fake followers

This site is particularly useful for generating useless information, like this:

A bigger share of Barack Obama’s Twitter followers are fakes than are Mitt Romney’s. But, of course, the President has many more followers — fake or otherwise — than the ex-governor. Here’s the breakdown: of the 18.6 million accounts following @BarackObama, 38 percent are fakes, 36 percent are inactive, and 26 percent are “good.” Romney’s Twitter account has a mere 868,911 followers: 20 percent fake, 31 percent inactive and 49 percent “good.” Bottom line: Obama has 4,851,369 good followers; Romney, 425,766.

Justin Timberlake likewise trumps Oprah … in the dubious “good” follower metric. Of the 13.3 million accounts following @jtimberlake, 27 percent are “good” (the rest are fakes and inactive). Of the 13.3 million followers of @Oprah, 19 percent are “good.”

Oprah and Rihanna are tied in “good”-ness, both at 19 percent, but @rihanna has 24.4 million accounts, 11 million more than the Big O. Duh!