Worth every penny

How do you spend your days now?
George H W Bush:
I???ve got a chair in the bedroom and I just sit in it. It???s a wonderful thing. Just looking right at the television. Now I???ve got one that leans back and leans forward so you can get out of it???it gets way up like this. So that???s what I do.
I hear it???s a 21st-century La-Z-Boy, and it hasn???t gone over well with the former first lady, is that correct?
Right. Well, it???s a thing of real beauty.
Barbara Bush: It???s a disaster!
GB: I admit it???s ugly but it works well.
BB: It does work well. Now, how do I spend my day? I walk the dogs on the beach once or twice and then I come home and gripe at George about the chair.

From Parade magazine http://bit.ly/LpW8TM