Twenty-eight percent


From Pew Survey on mobile devices, released March 14, that finds that 47 percent of American adults get at least some local news and info on their cellphone or tablet computer:

“Asked the value of their local newspaper, respondents are divided. Just under a third (28 percent) say the loss of the local newspaper would have a major impact on their ability to keep up with local information. Another 30 percent say it would have a minor impact. But the plurality — 39 percent — say the loss of the newspaper would have no impact.”

Among “early mobile adapters” — adults who rely on cellphones and tablets for info — “fully 42 percent said losing their local paper would have no impact on their ability to keep up with community news, and a third more said that the impact would be just minor.”

Unclear from report: How many of those “early mobile adapters” are relying on local information actually produced by local newspaper organizations?