Abridged summer reading list

9/09/2010 — Wordyard blogger and Salon co-founder Scott Rosenberg worries about Apple’s App rules and censorship http://bit.ly/cyJcrg

8/27/2010 – paidContent.org weighs in on USAT ‘radical’ shakeup http://bit.ly/ahDHvP

8/27/2010 — USAT: focusing less on print, more on all platforms—web mobile iPad—and cutting 130 people http://bit.ly/aDx4VI

8/17/2010 — Wired magazine’s cover: The Web is Dead. Long Live the Internet. http://bit.ly/bknmCP

8/13/2010 — LAT on Rupert Murdoch’s plan to launch nat’l digital newspaper for iPad smartphones http://lat.ms/aVgQwU

8/11/2010 — McSweeney’s dinosaur John Flowers on the best e-reader on the market http://bit.ly/csc6FS

7/28/2010 – All Things Digital on Time Inc’s iPad problem http://bit.ly/bpicZ4

7/27/2010 — Politics Daily dinosaur Walter Shapiro bemoans speed of net news, which got Sherrod story wrong http://bit.ly/cSH6AX

7/23/2010 — MediaPost blog says media disconnect – i.e., failing to develop for iPad — cld be costly http://bit.ly/dxoZgp

7/18/2010 — WaPo dinosaur Gene Weingarten bemoans Search Engine Optimization skewing news http://bit.ly/aS0xHR

7/15/2010 – Society for News Design on value of design in fact of challenges from centralized design http://bit.ly/bL2UFn

7/14/2010 – Nieman: Slate makes the case for long-form on the Web http://bit.ly/9X9Php

6/28/2010 — Ad Age newspapers’ share of digital ad revenues still declining; new challenges from content farm (cheap freelance): http://bit.ly/9Svl7f

6/6/2010 – NYT “Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price” http://nyti.ms/cR9XLz