‘This beautiful thing’: World will end, just not yet

pierceartSPRINGFIELD, Ill. (Nov. 11) — Frank Pierce is a local drywall contractor whose fascination with life’s mysteries led him to seek an explanation for everything.

One of the things Pierce says he’s discovered on his quest should be good news for people born before the ’60s: The world is going to end, but not until 2048.


The basis for that prediction is frankly beyond my comprehension.

When Pierce met with me, at the end of June, the newspaper I was editing had just published a feature about crystal skulls, spurred by the release of an Indiana Jones film. That story drilled holes into notions that these skulls were of ancient derivation — something that subsequent scientific analysis has demonstrated — but the article’s subtle tone may have left some readers, including Pierce, with the impression that the paper was receptive to more tales of the supernatural and outlandish.

It really wasn’t, but the editor was a good listener. When we met, Pierce explained how he’s discovered numerical patterns in all sort of things — from the chromatic music scale to ancient weights and measures to the frequency of quartz crystal in clocks to religious beliefs — and that this discovery of a mathematical grid, or matrix, helped him uncover messages that prophesize the future and provide a basis for time travel.

Fortunately, Pierce wasn’t trying to convince me — his main goal, he told me, was to find a way to preserve his research and get his theories before experts.

“If I can just get some professors or some scholars to take an honest look at what I have, I would be more than happy,” he said.

What caught my eye, however, were the intricate hand-lettered art pieces he’d produced to illustrate some of his findings (an example is included with this post). Pierce is mostly self-taught, and he wants somebody to memorialize his work, given that he’d done a prodigious amount of research.

In my view, Pierce’s overabundance of curiosity, while commendable, has taken him down paths that require impossible leaps over wide chasms. I doubt I’m the only one who sees a big difference between the elegance of mathematics and the absurdity of numerology. Coincidence isn’t correlation; correlation isn’t causation.

And yet, I find something familiar, even honorable, in this man’s struggle to find a structure in chaos – just another human who wrestles with existential dread by seeking some kind of order. Is he any different than, say, scholars who study biblical texts, and parse every word and number for meaning?

Here are edited excerpts of the interview, which was conducted on June 28. — Roland Klose (rwklose@sbcglobal.net)

Can you boil down your discoveries in a simple sentence?

FP — That’s going to be a difficult one. Basically, there is an inherent structure within atoms themselves, a basic intelligence, if you will — and most of humanity isn’t seeing it. What does that tell me? Bear with me, because I’m in a growing process right now, too. I’ve learned a new way of thinking, analyzing everything that we look at in life. Everything you see, everything you hear, everything that passes in front of you is actually filled with information. And most of us are not aware of it. And this is what the ancients found out – some of the ancients figured it out. That’s why they built pyramids: They were trying to relay a message.

Have you figured out the message?

FP — Yeah, that’s the complicated part. See, the ancients used to think in numbers and in shapes. And they had reasoned out, they had a better mathematical system than we have nowadays –the deca system, which is a very limited mathematical system — systems based on families, say, of 12 — the clock system. That’s why the English ruler has 12 inches, the Greeks had 12 gods, the equator of the earth is actually measured by using 12 times 12 times 12 times 12 times 1.2 [one-point-two] — and that total came to 24,883.2 miles, which is kind of a big number. All their systems of measures – weights, volumes — were based on the equatorial circumference of the earth, which was encoded into the pyramid [the pyramid complex at Giza] and into everything. pierceart23They used it as a standard for sailing the oceans, for trade with other countries. The alphabetic code also contains all this grid system of the ancients – every word that you’re writing has a numeric value. You can multiply them, add them, square them, cube them – the information that pours out of that is beyond what people are willing to look at today.

When did your research begin?

FP — I’ve always been interested in the paranormal since I was a kid. I basically saw things that people couldn’t explain to me. I had strange things happen to me as a child. I would dream of future events and they would come true. I’d sit there and watch them unfold in front of me. I’d have a dream of an event, and the dream would actually come true a week later, exactly as I saw it in the dream. That showed me that the human mind is capable of reaching out and seeing future events and it’s also capable of communicating across vast distances. I basically have theories about how this is possible, and it’s based on ancient knowledge and religion.

Your interest in the paranormal — did you come from a family that was receptive to that?

FP — My mother was extremely psychic. I was born in Illinois and we moved to Springfield when I was young. I grew up around here. As soon as I turned 17, in about 1979, I went over to Europe and became a nuclear missile crewman [for the Pershing missile system]. I couldn’t wait to get out of here. I wanted to see what’s out there. I’ve always been very curious. I’m that person who always has to open the doors, then map it out. It doesn’t do any good to go through the door, unless you can explain to people how you got there and how they can get there. I wasn’t a graduate of high school – I quit school to join the military and get out of town. I was upset with Springfield High School because I found it hard to concentrate in a class full of people who are not interested in learning.

What kind of student were you before you left?

FP — Terrible. I was terrible. Bad grades, bad attitude – I’ve always been upset with my teachers over the things they were trying to teach me. I could never understand why comb was spelled c-o-m-b and home was h-o-m-e. And all of these rules to English spelling had these extensions – and there were so many extensions, it just didn’t make sense to me. And history really upset me. Even at an early age I knew that the pyramids were not what they’re saying they are, and there was a lot more to them. It was just an intuitive understanding.

When did you begin on this effort to put together all your discoveries?

FP — I don’t want a bunch of New Age people calling my house and telling me what kind of crystals to buy. I’m really annoyed by those kinds of people because they fail to do the work. They want all this knowledge and power for free; they just want it to come to them. The fact is you have to read; you have to study. You not only have to read a book, you have to study a book. You may have to really think about the concepts. People are unwilling to do that because it’s inconvenient. Everybody seems to be preoccupied with entertainment, you know? What I have here is proof-positive of an ancient system that is a very definite warning to us in our time about events soon to take place – not just one event, but lots of events over a 36-year period of time. I have basic mathematical, geometrical proofs – because they base their systems on time-defiant symbolisms, like mathematics. Time changes all systems of knowledge, so the ancients had to find symbols that would be time-defiant so they could pass down information over the course of thousands of years. That’s what the pyramids are about.

And it’s based on a mathematical system based on 12?

FP — Yeah, and it’s really simple systems – it’s just that we’re so distracted and we’ve all been taught to think the same way. Cookie-cutter: Everybody learns the same way. Everybody’s taught the same way now. Everybody thinks the same way. pierceart31If you think differently, you’re ostracized. You’re punished. You’re embarrassed. You’re unemployable. Let me give you an example. The word mystic – “my stick,” “my sticks” – if you take three sticks of the same size, you can make a triangle out of them. Because it has three corners, it’s made out of three sticks, and it has three sides. If you had four sticks, you could make a square. And for the same reasons, that would represent four. And a pentagon would represent five. These are basically the Platonic solids. It’s an ancient system for these mathematical systems – the size of the earth at the equator, the speed of the earth at the equator, the duration of the recession of the equinox – all of that – the Zodiac.

This is the language you’re interpreting?

FP — I don’t do too well with language – it’s my worst subject. I’m a terrible speaker. I’m terrible at spelling. I’m trying to overcome that weakness, but it’s just not my subject. My mind works in a different way. I see symbols in mathematics, and I look at things upside down and inverted, and compare them and overlay them. This helps me to better understand the universe that we’re living in. [. . . ] It’s based on, as I said, time-defiant symbols like the binary code of cell reproduction – as long as there’s life in the universe, that will remain constant. So if you have an intelligent life form that understands the binary cell code, which is simply two times two times two, and so on – it’s computer code, as well – you’ll see. All of religion has this binary code written into it – and there are plenty of proofs. You know about the chromatic music scale? So did the ancients. Basically you have eight whole notes between octaves and then 12 half notes between octaves, and the 13th half note is the same note repeated in a higher octave. This is basically Christ and the 12 Disciples. Or the Temple of Osiris in Egypt. Or the clock — the center being the place of power. The center of a clock is where all the electrical power is flowing through to move the hands. So the center of all atoms actually are connected through an inter-dimensional doorway – and this is where all this power comes from that animates all reality. Because of the way I think, I’ve been able to decode ancient mantras from Nepal, The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, the Zodiac in ways that I’ve never seen done before – and they’re all telling me exactly the same thing. They’re all giving me this frequency that’s resonating in every watch and clock around the world as a number representing this deity that most religions speak of. He’s a time god. It’s all about time. The “King of Kings” is the Lord of Time. Christ was born at the winter solstice, when the sun is reemerging from its darkest hour – and then you get the presence of what they call God, which is the current moment, the now. It’s the gift of the New Year – God gives us more time to get our act together. I don’t understand how anybody can’t see it, but at the same time I have to have scholars look at it, because I could be totally insane.

How do you do your research?

FP — I go into something like a fever. And I’ll spend seven days, just deep in numbers. And my daughter will walk by me and I don’t even see her. My wife will speak to me, and I’m gone. Time passes – I don’t eat, I don’t drink. I’m just gone in this other world of deep thought, and I’m not even here. And then I come out of it – three, four, seven, whatever days later – and it feels as though five minutes has passed. I’m studying, going through different books, cross-referencing, like a hound dog, sniffing out a trail. I just get caught up in it, like a fever. People will call me from my work, and sometimes I fail to call.

What’s your wife think of all this?

FP — She doesn’t understand a lot of it. Nobody does, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for that. I don’t understand it myself. To me, I’m on a quest for the Holy Grail – and everything else is not quite as important. I’ve got my eye on this beautiful thing, and I just can’t let go. It’s just too perfect. It’s almost like seeing part of God.

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